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Anyone can put up a site or a blog nowadays. As a result, the number of sites grows ever more quickly. The total number is now at 33 50 100 200 million sites. They all compete for traffic...

The sad reality? Most sites, even the sharpest-looking ones, attract almost no visitors. No traffic generates no income, not the results you seek.

A Decade Of Increasing SBI! Results (What's With The Strike-Throughs?)

In 2009, there were 100 million active sites. Prior to 2009, this page also compared SBI! sites to the rest of the Web in 2006 (50 million sites) and in 2003 (33 million). (

Those are real sites, with their own domains. It excludes all the free-hosted sites and blogs, inappropriate if you are serious about building a long-term-profitable online business, one that you own and control.

How have SBI! sites performed in an increasingly more complex and congested Internet?  Read more

SBI! Gets Results. Here They Are!

It takes traffic to build income. SBIers build traffic better than any other group in the world. It's warm, willing-to-buy traffic that generates income from their ever-growing e-businesses.

Most sites merely "exist" with a trickle of traffic. SBIers build sites that attracts hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of visitors per day. They don't have to buy ads to get traffic. Actually, many sell ads!

In case you thought our detailed Case Studies were our "only examples," here are a few (hundred) more, representing all kinds of SSBs. They are all in the Top 0.5% of all sites

Methodology and How to Verify This for Yourself

The directory below is only a sample of SBI!'s Top 0.5% Sites. We chose those that display the wide diversity of niches covered (none are cheesy "make money online" schemes - SBI! businesses are all passion-driven).

We also selected sites that show you...

  • the range of writing styles
  • the many different tastes in design (from plain to gorgeous)
  • variations in age (some are only a year or 2 old, others more than 10)
  • other criteria that show other features (click any button in "Visit site").

We update this page periodically to rotate sites. We could go on and on with many more sites on this page, but 500 makes the point. The even bigger point is that only SBI! proves results like this (click any Alexa button to get an up-to-the-minute ranking)...

NO other company can do this. They would if they could!

Speaking of other companies who claim success, we suggest that you use to check the truth of their "success stories" (if any)...

  • If you don't see any verifiable success stories that include the domain name, leave. Something is wrong if you can't check the story.
  • If they do provide the domains, use Alexa to see how poorly they perform, when compared to SBI!. You'll never find proof like this, not 500 sites in the Top 0.5%.

About Alexa: This Amazon-owned company utilizes its original toolbar to deliver traffic information about other sites. It later reinforced that with 25,000 more toolbars (to eliminate "selection bias"). This massive and diversified user base delivers good traffic estimates.

People often mix up the point of Alexa, so let's clarify...

  • Use Google Analytics to get exact metrics for your own site.
  • Use Alexa to get traffic approximations that deliver useful insights into the sites of others.

IMPORTANT: Alexa is an important tool because you can ONLY use Google Analytics for your own site. But how can you get traffic estimates for any other site?

Alexa tracks tens of millions of users to develop traffic rankings for sites that would otherwise be traffic mysteries. The estimate is good enough to give you solid ballpark figures.

For any single site, actual traffic may be more or less than suggested by Alexa. For 500 sites, however, the results are undeniable. Nevertheless, we go one step further to guarantee accuracy...

To assure you that every site deserves to be here, we check its Alexa ranking against actual traffic (based on log files, the most accurate way to assess traffic).

For example, if an SBI! site has an Alexa ranking of 500,000 but only has 15,000 visitor per month, we drop it from this directory. So there are NO mistakes here.

We offer this page as proof of SBI!'s effectiveness to you, and as a challenge to any other company...

NO other company can offer proof such as this. But they sure would if they could! We challenge them to offer transparent proof of success like this.

You will never encounter another directory like this one, where hundreds of sites are all in the Top 0.5%. Best of all, there is no reason why you cannot have a top "1 in 200" site, too...

With SBI!, your e-business will get results, too. They WORK.  See for yourself...


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